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K-9 "Colter v Haus Safko"

July 14, 2001 - April 13, 2007



Colter is gone now too.  He has joined Ranger over the rainbow
bridge. He left too soon. I will mark his earthly resting place,
but his true memorial is engraved on my heart.



 Faithful Friend

Revised for Colter 2006


I lost a faithful friend this night,

A partner and friend of noble soul.

Whose gone now from my sight.


This morn, you gave no loving gaze,

No nudge, no whine, no bark.

Your frame no more did raise.


You loved and worked and played,

You sought those lost

And found where loved ones laid.


My eyes are filled with tears,

But in my heart, there’s no regret,

Just gratitude for given years.


Thank God for sharing you, my friend.

You brought such joy to life,

I grieve your journey’s end.


Now lay your great head on God’s knee.

Be still, be patient, my faithful friend

And wait in His love for me.



Ann Christensen

Original for Ranger 2004